Xhorse VVDI Mini Keytool vs. Lonsdor KH100

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Here’s a summary with thoughts on vvdi mini key tool and lonsdor kh100, which to help people to make a decision to buy…

Question: Whats peoples thoughts on the 2?
Pros & cons?
Thoughts on the xhorse ‘superchip’
Ready to buy one but im not sure which.

Answer: I have both KH100 has nice features but the vvdi mini tool win hand down..
Mini VVDI Key Tool and the “Superchips” is a good combination. These superchips are wonderful; you can configure them as a lot of chips (I use on toyota h, id48 96bits, Id46, 4c, 4d….); you can erase them and reuse them for many many times. They are perfect for tests, for expensive or hard to find chips or if you need to do the job exactly in the moment when you don’t have the exact type of chip in stock. But you can use regular chips too with Mini VVDI Key Tool.