Xhorse Universal Keys Questions and Answers

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FAQs: Have collected questions and answers about xhorse universal keys.

Hi everyone, I have a few questions about the XHorse universal keys. Both the smart keys and the flip keys.
1: Are the knife style and universal style smart key the same, besides the way they look?
2: On the flip keys, are the Ford style, Lexus knife style, and universal knife style the same?
3: Do the flip keys come with a transponder, or do I have to add my own?
4: Does the GTL universal flip blade set work for both the smart keys and the flip keys?
5: Are these all compatible with the Mini Key Tool?

wired has no transponder. it’s mostly for remote purposes

wireless has nxp chip on board. it is for chip/remote done by OBD likes of Honda 46,Chevy etc.

superchip wireless has superchip on board, , same as wired, but with chip. use this remote for cars that program the remote and transponder at the same time.

almost all of these are compatible with the mini key tool (can’t say all for sure)