Xentry vs. DAS vs. HHT-WIN

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How much do you know popular software for Mercedes new and old models, XENTRY/DAS/HHT?

All MB from late 80’s to 99 = HHT-WIN
All MB from 2001 to 2009 =DAS (older models, but still most cars communicate through this program)
All MB from 2010+ = XENTRY(new model cars)

If you set it up correctly, you can program offline in DAS only. Then if we need to go online with DAS we switch the modified flash folder to the original.
Xentry there is no offline programming to my knowledge, only online. Obviously, you need to have login and pass to go online.
And yes we can do ‘synchronizations’, miss daimler calls them adaptations.
Xentry is for cars from 204 “upwards” but if you have a setup with direct DAS access, then you can do 204 diagnosis from DAS too (at least up to certain MY cars).
You are never supposed to get into Xentry from DAS car selections but if you select e.g. 211 from Xentry, Xentry starts DAS and diagnosis is performed like if you started DAS directly and selected 211 from there.
HHT is for the oldest models but the line between DAS and HHT is not that clear because cars like 210 perform some diagnosis within DAS and for some control units DAS opens HHT for the actual task.
FYI, The year 2000 is a weird transition period — some MB made in 1999 but the model year is 2000 will be diagnosed from the 38-pin under the hood and thus use HHT-win. Other MB made in early 2000 and sold as a 2000 model will have the OBD port and the SDS will require the OBD cable to diagnosis….and will use DAS.
And then there are orphan cars, like some SLK models — some 2000-2001 SLK require the 38-pin.