Xentry Passthru Tests

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Here, share/explain test experiences with Passthru Interface on a Xentry 2018, 2019. 

Mine: Xentry Passthru 05/2018

Interface Tests: 
Bosch KTS520 passthru with firmware update. 

DAS works fine, read all modules and functions. Live Data/Outputs test not good! Tested on W245A168, A169
XENTRY doesn´t work on W212 and C205, after read the VIN, the software going out 

OPENPORT 2.0 genuine and clone.

DAS works fine, read modules, fault codes, erase, adaptation, reset control units on W639 Vito.
XENTRY work fine and read 38-39 modules and fast comunication on W212. Output test, reset options, basic programming work fine. 
Xentry works fine, read 37 modules, fast data transfer on C205. Same features as W212