What is the reasonable key tool for Mercedes old flip keys pcf7935?

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This is for those are looking to find a good/cheap key programmer for mb old flip keys, like in w163,w210 and so on. Transponder type is pcf7935.

carprog clone SAYS it does some keys like the switchblade ml320 ones which is the pcf7935. But dont know if it works on the clone machine but for maybe $75 bucks you could see. worste case you have a carprog for airbags.

Lauch easydiag:
launch easydiag all software version “pro” could either read the information or program a chip that was pre-programmed. cant really remember but I know it has some function to program those 7935 type keys.

Original Tango:
OEM Tango is the way to go. But I don’t know if you need to buy any additional authorizations for writing key data to a dump and reflash it

Xhorse VVDI2:
In the VVDI2 Immobilizer Data Tool section I found Mercedes Benz for pdf7935 transponders. (see Attachment).
Good luck on finding old mercedes key fobs with remote pcb inside. There are only used ones available. I know that the transponder chip and the IR remote are two separate parts in the shell but I don’t if it is possible to program the chip by VVDI2 and reprogram the remote on the vehicle with some magical OEM trick.

Pls leave comments if you have any good and resonable key programmers for this car. Thanks!