What does the OBD TOOL add to Keytool Max?

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What does the OBD TOOL do exactly. What does it add to the Max.?

the OBD is just an extension of the MAX. If a key cannot be cloned or all keys lost then OBD is used. It also has some other functions like odometer corrections and adaptive resets. China is the only place that really knows the current functionality of it though, as its still in dev. You can generalize what it can be used for if you think about it though. For example extrapolating key codes from BMW via OBD. Or assigning different preset memory functions (seat position, radio stations, mirror adjustments) per key number. In most cases you can use common sense to predict what something will do or not do.

I only bought it because I was already getting the keytool max for the VVDI super chips and the dolphin cutting machine, I bought the dolphin, max, and obd for a extremely good price. It all came out to less then the list price for the dolphin. So either way I can’t be disappointed.