What different with mk7 golf that old Lishi Pick 3 in 1 won’t do?

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nothing on the pre 2015 built models and some late 2014 models .

at the end of 2014 vag introduced 3 new locks to their range all 3 locks differ and none are the old HU66 , all center around the HU162 keyway.

1) the 8 cut version of the hu162 bladed lock was the first to be released on some non proximity key models , initially some golf , ibiza , fabia and polo had this lock fited , this version has 8 straight cuts on an hu162 profile and is a simple pick with the new 8 cut tool.

2) the 9 cut version was released at the begining of 2015 , this uses the same hu162 blade and profile as the 8 cut , except instead of having 8 conventional cuts as the 8 cut tool , it has just 6 conventional cuts in positions 4 to 9 and 3 side cuts in positions 1 to 3 , 2 cuts will be on 1 profile and 1 cut on the opposite profile , then the 6 conventional cuts , this one ive seen on a 64 plate golf and the golf plus models thus far but has been seen across the non proximity range

3) the 10 cut vag was released 2015 on models using smart proximity keys on models such as passat , audi tt , A4 , Q5 Q7 etc , this one uses the same hu162 blade but on a reversed profile to the previous 2 new locks , this one also has just 6 conventional cuts in positions 5 to 10 and has 4 side cuts in positions 1 to 4 , 2 on one profile and 2 on the opposite profile .

both the 9 and 10 cut are a more complex lock to pick , but still straight forward with the 2 new tools , you just feel and pick slightly differently , the new tools work well once you get your head around the feel differences and the side cuts .

so 3 new locks have replaced HU66 on models from late 2014 . 8 cut , 9cut and reverse profile 10 cut tools.

but to add some confusion , you will see hu66 on some of this year too , ive done 2015 golf models with 8 cut , 9 cut and hu66 , so as with any cross over year expect to see any of them . and just to add a touch more confusion theres no specific list of which car started using which on the bladed key models .
to confuse things further on the proximity models , audi decided on the A4 they would recess the lock deeper into the handle , so the 1st 10 cut tool released would not get full insertion on these , so both tool manufacturers had to release a version 2 tool for the 10 cut vag tool amended to overcome the recessed lock on the new a4 models.

the short answer to your question is that everything has changed , lock , key and tools , but not on all mk7 golf , some up to 2015 still used hu66.