W204 ESL Job Done with VVDI Mercedes

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Review: What for renewed W204 ESL/ELV you have ? engine replaced by new ? NEC is not locked(damaged state AA inside) ?

No need any other calculator or tool, VVDI MB BGA tool is enough for finish complete process with personalise renewed ESL/ELV to W204 EIS/EZS

there are all steps from begin, some you have finished yetThis steps I doing so on one W204 with W204 ELV emulator, i think with ELV ori metal are the same,when is renewed, then is ready to use as emulator in the same status

1. EIS: read data by OBD from EIS/EZS …… OK
2. EIS: get erase password ……. OK
3. password calc.: get key password through calc.process and 1 token used ……OK
4. EIS: save all data of EIS ……. OK
5. EIS: renew EIS/EZS through IR ……. OK
6. EIS: load back saved data …….. OK
7. EIS: write data to EIS/EZS …… OK
8. EIS: write VIN …… OK
9. EIS: personalise ELV emulator in EIS/EZS unit – success….. OK
10. EIS and ELV now working and car start, need insert key in EIS to activate it …. OK
11. ELV emulator/simulator from Xhorse have sound (unlock and lock job) almost as original ELV

after all this steps i have still missed VIN in EIS/EZS, and fault in ESP because not see VIN from EIS,
then finished with XENTRY and write VIN to EIS/EZS in EIS/EZS unit finished…. OK erase all faults ….. OK