All About VVDI Super Chip XT27 Transponder

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Instruction: VVDI super chip XT27 transponder, Xhorse made

vvdi superchip 100pcs: 245 usd
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reusable, unlock, generate, clone

The super chip can be used as
chip 7935 33 40 41 42 43 44
chip 7930 46
chip 7930 47
chip 7930 4D chip on board
chip 7930 45 chip on board
chip 7937 46 chip on board
chip 7947 47 chip on board
chip 4D   60 63 70 80 83 82G 67
chip 4E 64
chip 4C
chip 8C
chip 8A Toyota H chip/Hyundai
chip 43 VAG/Honda
chip 8E Audi/Honda
chip T3 Buick model
chip T1/T2/T3

Confirmed to work with xhorse key tools, incl.
VVDI 2 version 6.5.0

super chip on vvdi2: 
it’s necessary to have a super chip for 4c copy

super chip on vvdi key tool

super chip on mini key tool:
Honda G chip key on the first and Xhorse super chip on the second 
this was done on the android.

Reviews: (credits to Many thanks!)

Nick Newman : I had no success, 2018 Subaru crosstrek.
Robert: 2013 Chevy Malibu
Data acquisition not working no matter where I put the antenna.
Chip reads 7941E super chip says clone success but theft light blinks and will not go out. 
Tried a xhorse wireless nothing is working.
Key cut is 2

Andrew: Cloned a Honda Accord key on a super chip on the mini keytool (NA) 
16- ford transit cloned the key on the mini keytool NA on a super chip 
10- Mazda 3 cloned the key on a super chip and cut and traced on the Dolphin ( used the mini keytool N/A)

Jóvan: Yeah generate ID40 for opel and try to code to vehicle. Can’t.
Ian: After cloning 8c chip if you then read the chip it shows 000000000
Stelios: today I do with vvdi mini key tool skoda fabia 6Y vin id48 clone . all good . in Greece
Stelios: yesterday I do skoda yeti 2010 model id48 clone all good
Christopher: Cloned 4D63 success Cloned Philips 46 Circle+ success
Jon: Success – 2015 MAZDA CX9 – cloned 80 bit key and burned a remote (selected by FCC). Both worked perfectly.
I tried to clone the remote first (just playing with the function) but I find the menu choices and procedure lacking. Needs more step by step.
Christopher: Generated Mazda temic 8C and programmed successfully
Lee: VVDI Keytool – Super remote generate perfectly on Ford but when testing, shows no transponder and no frequency out. 
Lee: Hyundai Kia generates and tests fine. 
Andrew: u have a option to reset the super chips
Andrew:VVDI super chip on a 2006 Scion tC keydiy flip key: id4d clone successfully!
Andrew:2012 Camry Toyota G chip: successfully copied using a super chip
Andrew:haven’t tried to program but was able to generate on a super chip the ford 80 bit
Andrew:Toyota H transponder clone: successfully copied! using vvdi super chip
Andrew:Lexus RX stand-alone key cloned and used a super chip
Andrew: the chips are used to clone. they are great one chip instead of several chips.the mini clones super quick u blink it’s done much faster cloud based mini is fast
Andrew:2007 Nissan Quest cloned reg keyID 46  on a vvdi super chip
Bill Tiner: 13 transponder clone with super chip for 2004 Honda Civic

Abayomi Ogundipe: Id 40 opel

Savej Saifi: Id 8c clone successfully

Michael Wheepy Crousaz: ID46 clone Mitsubishi OK

Connor Bank: Does it work id40 opel
ช่างเป๊กกุญแจ บริการในเขต ศรีราชา แหลมฉบัง พัทยา: H chip online clone ok

Glen’s Lock Service: Thanks. I got mine Saturday. I updated my keytool last night and generated a 4D63. I’ll be programming it into a 2012 Mazda Miata, tomorrow.

  • Carl: Did a test for Xhorse vvdi super chip(transponder).  using vvdi mini key tool.
  • Generation of transponder ID
    That is setting the super transponder to an ID you want to generate. For instance, if you working on a 2002 VW which uses transponder ID48, you need to set or generate the super transponder to the ID48 before you can use it.
  • Cloning of transponder using the super chip
    Easy method to do spare keys for various cars without stressing yourself to extract security access codes or pin codes
  • Resetting of the super transponder to be reused
    Maybe you don’t want to code or pre-code the vvdi super transponder to desired transponder ID or you generated a wrong ID you can reset the super transponder to reuse it. Is it that cool? Worth the money you paying for. 

    it features: reusable, unlock, generate, clone
  • Mohammad Hafi: cloned 4D/60/80 bit and generated it to 7939, using a super chip
  • Bill Tiner:generated 4d-62 chip for Subaru.

Ameer Hasan: tested it on old toyota 2006 camry 4c super charm

Bill: just generated a chip on the super chips 2011 Subaru Outback AKL Generated 4D-60 dst40 on super chip

Shai Peretz: Didn’t work today on id83 clone
Bill: 2011 Subaru Outback AKL generated 4D-60 DST40 on super chip 
programmed under y/m/m

Glen’s Lock Service: I just got through rebuilding a 2004 Civic ign. Lock. Car had aftermarket alarm. I didn’t Evan mess with programming. Two shells and two cloned super chips. 

Andrew:03-ford Explorer cloned key on a super chip 14- Ford Focus cloned the remote key on the a super Chip07 – Ford F-150 cloned chip on a super chipQuick and Simple this was on the android app
Angel: 2015 Toyota Corolla chip h clone success with mini key tool and super chip

Pete Hasan: Cloned a 4C using a superchip yesterday. Was on a 2005 Ford excursion using an ilco shell. Theft light went out every single time, no range issues on that vehicle

Tom Appel: I successfully cloned a Toyota dot, aka 4D, key to a super chip using my mini, today

Jon Payne Sr:

Success – 2015 MAZDA CX9 – cloned 80 bit key and burned a remote (selected by FCC). Both worked perfectly.

I tried to clone the remote first (just playing with the function) but I find the menu choices and procedure lacking. Needs more step by step.
update: 15 cx9 uses 40 bit security, not 80

Tom Appel: So far, I have had two opportunities to clone keys. I did not have an super chips for the first one, so I used the older chips. That worked well. The menus are more complex then any of my other cloners but, I figured it out.

The second vehicle was an older Ford Ranger. I attempted to use a super chip and the cloner rejected it. I used one of the older chips. The vehicle was not present so I read the key with my Cyclone to make sure it matched the original key. All of the data was correct but, I failed to notice that it set the clone up as an 80 bit chip. The original was a 40 bit key. The guy came back, yesterday. I made him a new chip using a TPX2 that I configured in my Cyclone.

So far, I am not entire pleased with the complexity of the process and all of the extra steps. If I can actually sort them out and the keys work reliably, it will be worth the savings in chip costs. However, if I continue to have problems, I will likely stick to making chips with my Cyclone or one of my other cloning tools.

Trent: Cloned an 09 RAV4 to a 4D Chip the other week. Started flawlessly. Gotta use up old stock now that the super chips are out.

10- Ford Explorer cloned key with a super chip
07- Toyota Tacoma Cloned key on a super chip worked great 

Cesar Duran: I just clone ford transit 2018 with the super chip, very easy

Pete Hansen: I cloned a Ford 4C in a 2005 Excursion using an ilco shell, and it worked fine every time I tried it
Por Yingyot: (thanks)used xt27 chip gen 60 chip for ford escape year 2001 working fineAll key lostalso i clone other key for customer as well using xt27clone KIA sporttage no issue using super chip
Por Yingyot: Ford Escape year 2002Chip 4D 60 Generate using XT27
lan: Today i cloned Mazda 323 2003 which uses the 8c chip.The VVDI Super Chip was used & car starts & runs fine.
Por: 1. generate blank chip 48 and add key for Honda Civic dimension year 2003 success2. Clone isuzu chip 46 success using super chip3. i used to clone 4D 72G 80 bits no issue with Toyota vios success
Kiss: I can’t clone Ford Transit 2015 80bits key But on focus 40 bits key, I had success,and remote also ok And there was some old vag 48 chip, which I can’t copy But 96 bit copy ok
Bobb: You can turn the superchip into 7930-7935 benz chips for older benz. It will work for AKL ]You have to understand chipset when playing around with these but you cant mess up. If you wrote a key it can be rewritten

If the customer is using it for cloning no thought needed but luckily there’s a vehicle search for generating a chip.
 Bobb: 2006 VW beatle. Would have worked but there’s some kind of Activation I needed. I had to eeprom the chip in, it work as a 48 meg great. Wouldn’t clone and nothing worked for programming through obd2.
Tom: Today a woman came in for an extra key to a 2006 Pacifica. She had one RKE so, I sold her on a clone. My Mini made very fast work of sniffing and cloning to a Super Chip. I selected Universal after Fast did not work. Total time from cutting the key to collecting my money was less than two minutes.
Cesa: AKL for a Mitsubishi Galant 2001 and i use a key shell and a super chip to program the car work just fine
Bobb: Vvdi2 clones out the superchips its awesome
ช่างเป๊กกุญแจ บริการในเขต ศรีราชา แหลมฉบัง พัทยา: I did Ford escape clone or gen chip are both working fine , I think need to clarify to prevent people confusing. Everest chip 49 is also working fine
Pete Hansen: I cloned a Ford 4C in a 2005 Excursion using an ilco shell, and it worked fine every time I tried it
Shawn Khan: Just used on 2016 Fiasta and 2014 ford f150 no problem GEN 80bit and program ok
Jeremy Moncrief: I just cloned a 2018 Chevy Silverado b119 key onto a vvdi super chip!Warren: VW Crafter 2007. Emulated a known key position to Super Chip. 
No writing back.
 Bobb: I have used the super chip on97 E420 write as ML class (MBE ML)
B119 write/clone (KEYTOOL)
B111 write/clone/clone out (KEYTOOL, VVDI2)
H92/94 Glass/40/80 bit ford write/clone (ALL)
06 beetle cluster key make clone out (VVDI2)
Toy44 D/G/H clone (KEYTOOL)
Sip22 2018 500L clone (MINI)
NI04T write/clone (keytool)
Y160/64/70 write/clone (keytool)The mini has a harder time sniffing the data. Keytool is my go to.
lan:VVDI Super Chip cloned customer Honda Gold Wing Trike 2006
Hafi:Picanto 2016 All key lost 4D70 Hyundai/Kia (80 bit) – cloned
Andrew: Did a bunch of super chips today
1. 12-ford f150 on a super remote and a stand-alone key on a super chip used global keytool for the remote on the super remote
2. Cloned a Toyota and a Chrysler on a super chip
3. Cloned a Toyota Camry on a super chip
4. 08-Nissan frontier cloned key with a super chip
5. 07 – ford 150 cloned on a super chip quick and simple

Jimmy J Rubio: I did a 2000 Ford ranger and it worked fine

Ameer Hasan: tested it on old toyota 2006 camry 4c super charm

Kevin Boyles Jr.:  Ive used lkp-02 and lkp-03 chips and for Ford 4c and 4d60 transponders I use glass chips.

Kiss: Suzuki Swift 2010 id46 clone ok, opel frontiera id48 clone not ok, and some old vw id48 also not ok

1. 2014 fiat 500 46 cloned with superchip ok
2. Ford 80bit 2014 edge clone failed generate 80bit on xt27 all good
2001 dodge intrepid 4d 64 cloned ok
Andrew: 05- Ford Expedition cut and traced on the dolphin and cloned on to a super Chip
محمود جويحان: toyota landcrus 2007 key programmed, using universal remote xhorse and super chip 2014 Yamaha 1000 transponder id4d clone using super chip xt27
Andrew:2 different Honda Civics transponder id46 cloned with the mini keytool (NA)and cut on the condor dolphin key machine
Bill: 2019 chevy Colorado generated 46e chip with xt27 super chip 
2018 Tacoma using the super chip

Andrew: 09 – Jeep patriot cloned key on a super chip under fast clone Quick and Simple after u sniff

Robert:2002 Ford Taurus vvdi super chip cloned no sniffing
Jemery: I have tried and it worked! 2012 Audi A3 cloned key to vvdi super chip!
Douglas Lown: I done a couple of VWs that way with remote keys clone chip and program in remote
Kiss: Ford focus 2013, 4d83 clone ok, Transit 2014 with same chip allready not ok