VVDI Super Chip XT27 Reset by VVDI Keytool/Mini Keytool

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Instruction: VVDI super transponder reset

Maybe you don’t want to code or pre-code the vvdi super transponder to desired transponder ID or you generated a wrong ID you can reset the super transponder to reuse it. Is it that cool? Worth the money you paying for. 

Method 1: super chip xt27 reset by vvdi mini key tool
Method 2: super chip xt27 reset by vvdi keytool

Method 1: super chip xt27 reset by mini key tool

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Put the VVDI super chip into the keytool and open the xhorse app. 
Step 2: Go to keytool and select special functions
Step 3: Select “Set type of VVDI super transponder
Step 4: Scroll down to Reset VVDI super chip. It’s the last option on that page 
Step 5: Tap set



Method 2: chip xt27 reset by vvdi keytool

Steps: keytool-> generate transponder -> change mode od vvdi superchip -> reset xt27

Steps to reset vvdi super chip xt27 using keytool:

step 1: select “generate transponder”

 step 2: change mode of vvdi super chip

 step 3: On this menu press up arrow, pcf7935 (blank)

 step 4: reset xt27