VVDI Mercedes W207 2012 All Keys Lost: Done!

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Instruction: W207 -2012 all keys lost done

Step 1: load eis file with password
support motorola eeprom dump

Step 2: select key position for the key file
select the key file mat
press button “prepare key file”

password calculation:

Step 1: select a working key, communication mode and chassis
Step 2: press “data acquisition” and follow the steps below:

  1. connect to the device – vvdi mb power adapter – obd cable – cable obd
  2. connect the IR adapter to vvdi mb tool
  3. data acquisition
  4. 50% complete
  5. 100% complete
  6. Save acquisition data

Step 3: press “upload data” to send acquisition data
Step 4: press “query test” to get result

this the VVDI Mercedes for w207 all keys lost:

the car w207 2012:

the new keys: worked well