VVDI Mercedes Programs W204/207/212 ELV Emulator

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Instruction: How to program W204/W207/W212 using ELV emulator and VVDI Mercedes

The simulator can be used for W204 W207 W212 but cannot help any car start
And it can be used once only

If the wiring diagram is correct, the LED (marked in red) will flash every time when the key is inserted

ELV programming tips:

  1. collect data
  2. save data
  3. calculate password
  4. copy and paste password

VVDI Mercedes read out EIS data

Read out password and save EIS data

Communication method: IR
Celar EIS using VVDI

  1. NO chassis no. if the EIS is cleared successfully
  2. upload EIS data with key password (step 3)
  3. OBD write chassis no.
  4. IR write EIS data
  1. CAN read EIS data
  2. personalize W204 ESL
  3. success if the LED on simulator flashes for 2s