VVDI Mercedes Did W204 AKL on Bench

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Instructions: VVDI Mercedes can do 2009 C300 (w204) all keys lost, but only on bench, NOT via OBD

Step 1: remove eis from car

Disconnect battery cause you gotta remove airbag , then remove steering wheel and then you will able to remove ezs

Need to take eis read on bench
If you got w204 adapter with 12v cable it will take 20 minutes to calculate password,if you dont it can take up to 4 hours.

That is, with power adapter 20 minutes top

No adapter its tops two hours and half

Note: eis removal is easy.

dont be afraid watch youtube videos…very important you disconect battery and purge all power from car …as you gotta remove airbag and can kill you

Then remove wheel and the rest is easy also

Its not only the easiest way …as well its the only way to remove ezs unless you are in the uk … in the uk …steering wheel its in the other side …so ezs its easy to take out just from the side…

But for guys from the usa (there is no oher way to remove ezs) rather than the steering wheel …

Important: Mark with a marker exactly same position of the wheel for putting it back …otherwise it gotta recalibrate it

Step 2: use the test line to connect and read data

Well there is a trick too …if you power supply cars battery with a battery mainteiner and disconnect the esl socket you will be able to do it by cars obd