VVDI Keytool Max vs. Keyline 884 Mini

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Comparison: How does the xhorse vvdi key tool (new version with a LCD screen) compare to the Keyline 884 mini (with TKM Extreme kit). Which is better to have for a newbie to key programming?

Look here: How do people think of VVDI keytool max and Keyline 884 mini

  1. Keytool max is very good and allows you to make remotes from xhorses universal remotes. will soon have obd connection and immobilizer/odometer functions for and extra $200. It will also control condor key machine.
  2. The Keyline is expensive as hell and the transponder prices are crazy. I have Keyline mini tool and It works only with its own transponder for Keyline. Great cloning machine but the price… 
    I would advise you to buy the VVDI mini key tool and KD-x2. Both are good and you can generate remotes with both tools.
  3. Keyline is over price but never let you down, i have vvdi mini and 884 use mini tool daily but if have problem use 884 and customer is happy , vvdi mini use regular 1$ id 48 transponder for copy 884 use only gk100 for 30 $ but when is need costumer is happy