VCX Nano and Xentry Passthru = 98% Diagnosis

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Question: VCX Nano can I use it for MB passthru?
Yes. you can use VCX Nano and Xentry passthru to do almost 98% of all diagnostics. It also connects through Monaco (smr-d files) and Vediamo (cbf files).
To achieve this, you need, 
1) to use VX Manager 1.3 and not 1.6
2)While installing drivers, ensure to install Toyota (if the nano is for TIS version) and passthru only.
Do not install/tick Benz software. 
That way, you will be able to use it. I have used this tool for the past four years and rarely disappoints.

Check the attachment and advise whether you are able to download.

Have you already downgraded your VX Manager, if you are using Xentry, ensure to select VXDiag as the passthu device. Else ensure to edit slave.ini file accordingly

Remembers buddies, I faced the same issues and simulated the same for more than three times. The way I fixed it is, removing / uninstalling VX Manager 1.6 and installing the older one, VX Manager 1.3.

I wrote to Allscanner guys for then to check why and I got a blank answer after one week, that DXDiag Nano cannot diagnose Benz, this was after having the same dongle working for me for more than 2yrs. I just concluded these customer relationship guys have no idea they are doing. 

After all this, I decided to downgrade the Manager software, only installed Toyota and Passthru driver and it worked. Pls follow this simple steps. If it doesn’t work, send me a TV I have a look. 

(credits to fredkamau09)