Tip for Newbies: How to use Lishi HU101

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Tip: Old thread about Lishi hu101 but still perfect for newbie, many thanks Martin

never fail on the 101 , the key is knowing your tool and checking it on a regular basis , the picking process over time distorts the snibs that lift and read the key , the more heavy handed you are the quicker and more these distort , it only takes a 10th of a mm of distortion to make the tool read an entire cut out on the grid .

on a regular basis , pick and decode a known lock , this will tell you how your tool is reading , with minor distortion it may read just above or just below the line , if the case then every position will read just above or just below the line , 1 lifter may be badly distorted and read an entire cut out , knowing this allows you to compensate when reading .

you also know the 10 position is a 2 so how this lifter reads this ie just above , just below or bang on line will mean the same in all positions on that lifter , any positions you didnt need to pick you know are 5s so guage how tool is reading on these .

i have 1 tool that reads spot on that i never ever pick with , if unsure once open i spike lock then insert the pristine tool to read , but im very light handed so most of these pick and decode in minutes , but check and know your tool on a regular basis as saves on cutting needless wrong keys .

also if using a 3in1 in door , due to the shoulder reductions to work in the ignitions you can get movement oftool in lock whilst picking , so ensure tool is centered before reading for an accurate read .