The Good of C4 in C5 Housing

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Review: There are many fake C5 in the markets and some are even C4 board in C5 case.
But it does have something good of SDConnect C4 in C5 housing:

C4 in C5 housing is designed specifically for hot climates.

Improvement (Full upgrade):

1. Unique white serial number firmware (guarantee against blocking)
2.Setting the “shutdown” function – full power off
3.Fix battery charging error “Insert / check batteries” ” batteries can not be charged»
4.Replacing the stock (Chinese) WiFi NEC card to the original D-Link used in the original SDConnect multiplexers. The original D-Link card provides a much more stable Wi-Fi connection.
5.Update the multiplexer with the latest firmware

In addition to the above improvements, for the body C5 is made:

Installation of active cooling system. The system provides a continuous flow of air through the entire inner cavity of the body.

Install lithium batteries instead of NiMh / NiCd batteries

SDConnect C4 in C5 housing is identical to the classic multiplexer circuit design and equipment of five cables. It functionally completely repeats the classic version. Just like the classic SDConnect, it has a full disable feature, white serial number, firmware updated to the latest version.