Tango clone or original?

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Here, we’ll talk about if it is worth the money to have a Genuine Tango key programmer or not… Have collected ideas from experts and users and put them under different topics. Hope it helps.

Part 1: what is Tango, original vs clone?

TANGO = Key maker by dump file and have some function for OBD2 in Toyota cars.
Genuine Tango has basic software, made by Scorpio
New modified Clone OEM Tango has full software, made by Fly

Part 2: Tango key programmer good or not?

clone Tango:

The Chinese sell genuine (OEM) and original Tango. The OEM one is from FLY and it is cheaper. FLY company made 2 versions of Tango, Item No SK80-C with poor quality which is now out of production. Then they modified the inside components and made new Tango Item No SK80-C1. 
The original Tango is from scorpio. At that price it won’t be a clone.

Tango from fly: 

The built-in full documentation what the original had.

clone Tango old version (Item No: SK80-C): 

This is what i have. China clone…the board is not good, poor quality

original Tango: happy

I have the original.
It is original and support from Scorpio is second to none. Got help on a Sunday morning from them!

Part 3: Can I buy Tango original/clone from China?

Scorpio Tango from a Chinese distributor: happy

Scorpio have a Chinese distributor who supplies all Chinese sellers.
It is a 100% original tool which you must register with Scorpio for updates and support.
I have one and it is a great tool. I bought mine from China and I am very happy with it.

Original Tango from China: good tool;

The Chinese sell genuine and original Tango. It is not a clone. I bought one. I am not an idiot. I saved a little money. I get one to one support from Scorpio, even on a Sunday morning. It is a very good tool. 100% original. Best tool I ever got from China.

OEM Tango SK80-C1 from China: paid off already

2 days ago, customer bring Subaru Impreza 2009 with AKL, read BCM and load in Tango.
It can use with 4D, CN2, CN5, LKP02, TPX2, EH2. I choose EH2 just for test.
Program and bring to customer test. Car work at once.
I also program with Tagkey tool from FVDI to see, but it doesn’t work.
So my first experience is very good, and it paid already 3 times the price of tango clone.
ONLY no any Toyota key maker is activated in clone.

In conclusion:

To be a locksmith:
go for the Genuine but you have to invest more than a Tango
For fun:
you can try with the Clone; probably it is ok for a DIYer, if you have the luck.

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