Suggestion for Key Cloning Equipment

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Suggestion: This is for someone who is not looking to necessarily originate keys, just clone, and if possible program unlock/alarm/lock buttons. There’s so many options on the market. Here take some discussed a lot on the web.

zed-bull is supposed to be good for both cloning and eeprom
If money isn’t tight, and you have the demand to make this work, I’d suggest a Zed-Full. 1 tool that clones, programs via OBD, EEPROM, etc.

AD900 is great for cloning (covers most chips) also does 46 and adx chips but is at end of life i.e. no longer being added to.

If you want to buy a tool that you can add to i recommend the Tango. it is vast and powerful. enables you to produce chips for coding (as in toyota, vag can and the all important Opel 40) and handles the cloning side (not as great at that as the AD900 or miraclone but a good allrounder.