SDconnect C4 Initialization Of The Multiplexer Has Failed

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Solution for SD connect C4 with error:
Initialization of the multiplexer has failed

When you meet this error with your sd connect c4 as it shows blow:

xentry problem.png

Fistly, please confirm that the IP adrees of your c4 is correct. It must be:

wire ip:
wireless ip:

If it is wrong, please reset the IP address..
if it is right, but you met the problem showing above when you do diagnosis, and the diagnosis disconnect and connect again during the diagnosis, it is the time to update your mb sd c4 firmware.

mb sd c4 firmware update instruction:

What to prepare before update:

double A battery 6pcs, laptop with sd c4 software installed, c4 main part, lan cable, obd cable

Step 1: input the double A battery 6pcs into the c4 multiplexer, like the picture showing

sd c4 firmware update 01.png
sd c4 firmware update 02.png
sd c4 firmware update 03.png

Step 2: connect the sd c4 to your car, click the connection icon at the right-bottom of laptop, see the picture below:

sd c4 firmware update 04.png

Open administration

sd c4 firmware update 05.png

then update the bootimage 2_3zip and CSD_2_11 zip as the picture showing below:

sd c4 firmware update 06.png

If you get this problem showing as blow when you open the administration, just need to restart your laptop, then the problem will be fixed.

sd c4 firmware update 07.png