Review: How to use Lishi HU43

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HU43 is not Lishi’s easiest pick/decoder to use , the decode is very very easy to get wrong , this is down to the lock having 9 different key heights , so very easy to miss read especially as pick wears and wafers ware .

whether you will succeed in picking the lock will depend on what version tool you have as well , the initial tool would not pick the later HU43 locks as would only enter keyway half way , the version of tool that picks all of this lock has the profile cut out on the blade cut out along the full length of the blade , the version of tool that does not pick all versions of lock only has the profile cut out along half the length of the blade , so alot is going to depend on which tool you have.

if you have the one that only has the profile cut out half way along the blade , then you can use a dremel and extend this the full length of the blade to convert it to work on all versions of the lock .

the pic on left is the older tool with info on adapting it to work on all versions of lock , the one on right is the tool that works on all versions of the lock .

i have adapted one of the good tools to pick these ignitions , this is a big mod that works perfectly in the ignition but weakens tool for door use , so if making an ignition tool it will only work in ignition and not in the door any longer , this is very usefull especially if needing ignition on to read key number from system the mod to make an ignition tool is as per the below picture

with regards the wafers , only the ignition houses all 10 wafers , though i have come across many ignitions over the years where 1 or 2 wafers have been missing , but as a rule the ignition will have all 10 wafers in.

The door lock should have 8 wafers contained in it , these will be in positions 1 to 8 with no wafer in positions 9 and 10 , though it is not unusual to find that some locks have the wafer missing in position 1 as well so only containing 7 wafers , the door should contain 1 to 8 , but occasionally you will come across one with other missing wafers.

hope this helps