Original/OEM Tango from China?

Discussion: Can you buy Tango from China?

Scorpio Tango from a Chinese distributor: happy
Scorpio have a Chinese distributor who supplies all Chinese sellers.
It is a 100% original tool which you must register with Scorpio for updates and support.
I have one and it is a great tool. I bought mine from china and I am very happy with it.

Original Tango from China: good tool
The Chinese sell genuine and original Tango. It is not a clone. I bought one. I am not an idiot. I saved a little money. I get one to one support from Scorpio, even on a Sunday morning. It is a very good tool. 100% original. Best tool I ever got from China.

OEM Tango from China: paid off already
2 days ago, customer bring Subaru Impreza 2009 with AKL, read BCM and load in Tango.
It can use with 4D, CN2, CN5, LKP02, TPX2, EH2. I choose EH2 just for test.
Program and bring to customer test. Car work at once.
I also program with Tagkey tool from FVDI to see, but it doesn’t work.
So my first experience is very good, and it paid already 3 times the price of tango clone.

ONLY no any Toyota key maker is activated in clone.

In conclusion:
To be a locksmith:
go for the Genuine but you have to invest more than a Tango
For fun:
you can try with the Clone; probably it is ok for a DIYer, if you have the luck.