Magic x17 – Goor or Not?

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Review: I have Magic x17. Now I am not very sure, if I did the right choice. The tool isn’t bad, has good and fast support and covers lots of ECU, but I can not trust this tool very much. Every time, I do a type of ECU, I didn’t before, I have this stress if it will success.

Had already problems with VAG DCM 6.2V and VAG EDC17CP44.

Here the pro and con’s based on my experience:
1.)amount of ECU coverage, 2.)good support, 3.)lots of gearbox TCU’s supported (especially for cloning VAG, BMW mechatronics), 4.)large Virtual Read database, 5.) VAG ECU update support, you can write directly FRF files, 5.)frequently protocol updates, 6.)tool works also after subs expire.

1.)The programing is very slow compared to other tools,for example an ordinary EDC17CP14 takes up to 25 minutes! PCR 2.1 also almost 20 min. and so on. 
2.) Next thing, it’s absolutely not user friendly, you have 3 tools which you have to use in same time for reading BOOT EDC17 (the x17, the breakbox and magpro tricore password plugin). And every step doing manually, first tricore password reading, then saving password, then go back, choose Bootloader IROM, then loading password, then read, then go back again, then coosing Bootloader XROM, then loading passoword again then reading, then go back, then choosing Bootloader EEPROM, load password, read and finally you have your full ECU backup. The next important thing is, that you must also manually switch on/off ECU power on the breakbox! This means, reading is finished, your ECU is still powered on. In worse case, if you forget to switch power off and pull the cables from the ECU pin’s, there might be short circuits!
On other tool you click on “Backup”, and that’s it! Unlocking, reading, powering on/off automatic.
3.)The software doesn’t work without power supply on X17! This means, only if you want to check quickly an protocol, you have to connect the BIG power supply to electricity and breakbox, breakbox to X17, X17 to laptop and then program starts.
4.)Everything costs money there! If you change user data=150 euros, if you install it on more than 3 laptops=tool locked! unlocking 300 euros, then you can install on any devices. If you want to link a slave user to your master account: 400 euros!

Info about the functions after subs expire:
This means:
Internet connection is mandatory and you are still able to use automatic online functions like: Tricore password decryption, cks correction, virtual reading, login to your dashboard, where all your ECU pinouts and connections are described.
You lose:
Software updates for bugfixes and new protocols and online chat/help/support/services for questions if something goes wrong (or maybe its not free of charge any more?)

Few Things:
They added BMW BOSCH MDG1 protocols by OBD(new G-Series) which is very cool so far.
BUT, when I open the protocol, there is their comment “This type of ECU might can’t be recovered, writing at your own risk” So my question, why they let me work on an € 1.600,- ECU with THEIR tool, when they are not 100% sure of successful programing and even tough can not be restored in any way?
Same with 2018 Delphi DCM 6.2V, i was able to virtual read, modded the file, then wrote by OBD. Programing stucked 3 times in row at 99%, Car was dead. No recovery option, because no Bench, no Boot mode, no JTAG on table for this ECU, only OBD. Luckily, I was able to restore with ODIS, Car started again.
After contacting support the next day, they told me about new particular ECU protection on newer Delphi VAG, not possible at this moment to mod with X17. Then don’t let me download virtual read, if programing isn’t possible, or give me a warning!

You can’t buy for this amount of money a more complete master tool, which does CARS, BIKES, TCU’S, TRUCKS, TRACTOR on BOTH! ways (OBD and table). At any other competitor tools like Dimsport, CMD, Alientech, etc, you have to pay almost twice more to cover all these protocols by OBD AND TABLE mode. Autotuner costs nearly the same, but does only cars and some lcv.

The last…
Don’t get me wrong, X17 is still a great tool, lots of professionals are using it because of its possibilities. But I would like to have more comfort, autotuner would be a better choice for me.
If you like more options and functions, choose magpro. Maybe the new “Flex” from Magicmotorsport is way better. If you like comfort and spend less money on long term, then autotuner.
This is my experience, other may see this in a different way, I hope I helped you choosing the right tool.