Lishi VA2 vs. VA6

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Here, try to clarify va2 and va6 for locksmith newbies.

VA2 is used on most peugeot and citroen models, excepted some new model like C Elysée, 301, 107, C1
VA6 is used on citroen DS models , though even on models that use va2 if they go to dealer for lock change they often get va6 fitted to them.

va6 for renault , smart , toyota aygo , citroen ds range always.

Pick VA2 or VA6: You can use Lishi VA2 or VA6 4 lifters, but for decode, you need use the right Lishi VA2 for VA2 and VA6 for VA6 lock.

if unsure what you have insert the 4 lift tool , if all wafers on 1 lift arm then va2 , if a mix of A and B on same track then va6 , if all wafers on each track are all on A or all on B arm then its likely to be va2 , if one or both tracks have the wafers mixed between A and B arm on same track then va6.

So to resume: If Peugeot Citroen, others than 107, C1, C Elysée, 301 -> VA2

Renault: Alway VA6 4 lifters.

Note if you use VA2 on C1 107 C elysée 301,
sure you cannot get the right decoding. Because it’s VA6 lock
Last week, i’ve worked on C elysée 2014 igntion lock, all wafers on the same size, just pick 2 and turn. 
Cut key with VA2, not work. Cut for VA6 perfect.

Thanks to contributors