Lishi HU64 HU100 Picking Experience

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Its no harder to pick than the HU64 or HU101 , picking open is straight forward , it is the decode that can be hit and miss especially if a heavy handed picker , as a tenth of a mm wear or distortion from heavt handed use on the picking tip will result in the decode arrow reading a full mm out .

due to the difficulty in getting an accurate decode on this , i made myself a few ignition tools , now i can pick door then ignition to on position in 2 to 3 mins , read key number with avdi and get key code .

as with any pick its just practice , but the full length cut out on the blade is essential for vectra c models and for most vectra B models too.

there is no proven sequence that works , but generally if a R/H drive vehicle opening clockwise start by picking the binding odd number wafers , if a L/H drive vehicle then start by picking the binding even numbered wafers 1st.

the locks pick quite easily .