Launch X431 PAD VII vs. Autel IM608 Pro

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Here, we’ll talk about difference between Launch X431 PAD 7 and Autel MaxiIM 608 Pro.

Both Launch X431 PAD VII and Autel MaxiIM 608 Pro are high-end devices built for professionals. If you find yourself weighing between the two, you’ll want to know that Launch offers a more user-friendly gadget. The PAD VII has a much bigger screen which makes interpreting the results fast and easy.

Both scanners can use a J2534 pass-thru programming device. However, Launch X431 PAD VII allows you to add seven modules to improve functionality. It can also perform ECU programming out of the box. That’s unlike the Autel model that needs to pair with the J2534 ECU VCI.

The Launch X431 PAD VII runs on a 19000mAh battery, while the Autel MaxiIM 608 pro has a 15000mAH battery. You’ll get more juice out of the PAD VII than the IM608 Pro.

One thing worth noticing is Launch X431 PAD VII provides users with the option to purchase additional software in “Mall” in their app, includes heavy duty, Tesla software, etc while IM608 Pro does not.

PAD 7 has full ADAS capability while im608pro has limited capabilities for ADAS.

Therefore, if you want a flexible device where you can add functions as you like, Launch X431 PAD VII is our recommended diagnostics tool.

In sum,
Launch X431 PAD VII is perfect for professional automotive shops. It’s a top-tier vehicle diagnostics computer. The scanner has everything an automotive technician needs for modern vehicle maintenance and alteration.

This device also offers guidance for VW and Audi vehicles meaning car owners can grab this tool. This is because you will get some help diagnosing your car.

Most car enthusiasts will love the PAD VII too. It has so many functions that you can get your repair practice on it.