Is there Lishi tool suited for new golf plus?

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This is answer from pro:

the ignition locks have no side cuts , these are a straight 9 cut similar to the 8 cut tool , thus the key also has conventional cuts on the key in the 1st 3 positions , the side cuts have a relationship to conventional cuts on the 9 cut lock , a number 1 cut on the side cut will have a number 4 conventional cut in that position , a number 4 side cut will have a number 1 conventional cut in that position , side and conventional cut will always be the opposite cut to each other .

no tool has been made for the ignition as yet , as entry was the 1st priority when the tool was released especially as no one could cut or code these at the time of release.

once there is a demand for an ignition tool for these then im sure one will be developed , but i doubt this will be until such a time as the vehicles are old enough to have suffered partial lock changes and until such time as locksmiths can cut and program the keys , until then demand for such a tool would be too low for the manufacturers to get payback on their development.

i see no reason why the current 8 cut tool couldnt be adapted to work on these 9 cut ignitions , as would just take an extra space adding as rest is same , im sure this could also be adapted diy , i will have a play with 8 cut tool on an ignition , as im sure i could pick it with the 8 cut tool in the same way ive been picking the 7 cut va2 lock on new daf vehicles , il have a play and see .