How to Use Xhorse XM38 Toyota Prox Key (Reviews+QAs)

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Simple. Purchase the new XM38 Toyota proxs from xhorse. Take the blade from the key in your photo out of the plastic. I use CA glue and activator to glue the 80k blade into the housing that comes with the XM38 keys. Done it plenty of times without issue.

The new Toyota Smart keys are nice. I like the fact that it will hold a double sided lx90 blade. 2017 Highlander. Flawless generation and programming. This was an all keys lost scenario.

Here are questions and answers. Hope it’s helpful.

Question: Where is the eblade?
Answer: pulls out the bottom like normal. It does sit flush

Question: They need to be able to do the Toyota half blade or are simply useless!
Answer: they do. This one had one.

Question: Does the proximity part works correctly the older one on a 2017 Toyota Tacoma would only start when I had the button next to the pts button and the remote did lock and locked the doors?
Answer: yes sir. 100%