How to Flash FRM3 in ISTA-P Expert Mode?

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Error and solution: So I got FRM3 that has wrong flash in it due it being fixed. Comfort mode won’t flash the correct ZB. So how do I do it in expert mode? 

OK, here are the steps….

Go to the data file for your FRM3 in C:\BMW\ISTA-P\BMW\Services\data\ecudata\E89\data for example, open the FRMR3 folder. 
Look for a file 9249091.opa 
If you don’t find it open the .his file in notepad and look for this number on the left, then pick the new number on the right and continue till you have the latest file. 
That latest will be the correct latest .opa based on your datens.

Create a develop folder in C:\EC-Apps\NFS\DATA. In that folder copy the .opa file from above.

Open coapi.ini file in C:\EC-Apps\NFS\CFGDAT. In that file write your opa name as below
ZBNUMMER = xxxxxxx
SWNUMMER = xxxxxxx where X is the .opa or ZUSB no.

Now open comfort an emulate an update then note the P-ABD and P-SGD nos. Also note the ECU address.

Go to expert mode and load the three above and program file, load your vin and then program program file only. In configurations enable boot sector update and UIF update

Try it we see. Takes a few steps to get expert mode going.