How to create a Mklink shortcut to link ISTA Psdzdata to Esys Data on C:\data

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For members who not yet overcome this hurdle.

How to link ISTA service data package (Pszddata) to Esys directory located on C:\data\
Note of Caution: make sure there is no folder name “pszdzdata” located C:\data\

Firstly open CMD.exe and run as Administrator, then Copy & Pastes this “instructions” into Command Prompt (CMD), then hit “ENTER KEY”

mklink /d C:\Data\psdzdata C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ISTA\Rheingold\PSdZ\data_swi\psdzdata

If you do it as instructed you will see a psdzdata shortcut created in C:\data\
If you click on the Psdzdata you will see it opens to all SWE in the root Target Path where the short cut is created from “C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ISTA\Rheingold\PSdZ\data_swi\psdzdata”

Try run Esys and click on the connection connector and see if the Targetselectors is loaded in there.

Video tutorial here: