Generate Remote with Xhorse or KeyDiy

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Discussion: Xhorse vs KeyDIY
Do you generate remotes with Xhorse or KeyDIY? Which do you prefer and why?

Have collected ideas from users… Here you go…

Robert Williams Have both I find Xhorse app easy to use with my iPhone also database expanding all the time and love the superchip remotes. KeyDiy is still excellent value the app is a little bit clunky and not as easy to use

Barrie Goodland Xhorse quickly over taking Keydiy with coverage. Keydiy is ageing quickly and loosing control of the market they invented.

Andrew Cuillo Keydiy is stronger in Toyota’s they both have there pros and cons

Shawn Carter Started with KeyDIY. Added Mini Key Tool and a few fobs to fill the blanks of KD. Overall, I find the KD remotes to be a higher quality product but the xhorse superchip is a big plus! Ultimately, we still use KD first and xhorse if KD doesn’t work or does not have remote listed.

Carlton Quay Same. I started with Keydiy but bought the Xhorse in case it did a remote that I couldn’t do

Reggie T. Caballes I have both, they have their own pros and cons.

Key Doctors & Solutions I started with KEYDIY but as with profession, I got the Key Tool and some Xhorse remotes too. 
From experience, KEYDIY has extensive coverage of remotes while xhorse has its strength in Smart Keys.
Again, xhorse has it’s remotes very well organised compared to KEYDIY. This makes finding remotes for a vehicle and its generation simpler compared to KEYDIY.
Another ease with use is the super chip/remote from xhorse. This is enables wide chip coverage of vehicles.
Then exchange of point for tokens/products. Because I have VVDI MB tool, I find this service very very useful for me.

Danny Townsend I had key Diy first but when xhorse key tool. came out it was much better and works off the iPhones so I use that a lot. The key diy asks for Android so I rarely use that on although I have the KDX tool for cloning so I can do both. Prefer the mini tool now

Jean Paul Belmer Both because both have there plus and min..
Xhorse have better remotes (quality) and superchips.
Keydiy have some more options on the remotes (cloud remotes).

But keydiy is in lack to fix there old problems (like renewing and kia/hyundai remotes) in stead of fixing old bugs and stuff they keep on producing new products and thats bad..

To be honest i would love to switch completely to Xhorse and a little bit done on Keydiy

David Dang Vvdi some remote not work ex mazda 41803 .remote onboard for honda city which 47 chip have to reprogram after a coupble of months when it come to used .however kd 900 smartkey is not as much as vvdi

Liam James McLaughlin I like to stock both, you never know if a generated remote will work on a certain car so keep the option of a different company to try incase

Thanks to all for sharing