Fx Coding for Aftermarket Seats (Recaro)

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Instruction: I have a set of Recaro Sportster CS seats waiting to be installed. Does anyone know the values I need to code to disable all the seatbelt and airbag warnings I will get after the swap

Coded the following in the ACSM module:
Occupancy sensor:
CIS_Beifaher: aktiv -> nicht_aktiv

Driver seat airbag:
Sitzairbag_Thorax_Fahrer: aktiv -> nicht_aktiv

Passenger seat airbag:
Sitzairbag_Thorax_Beifahrer: aktiv -> nicht_aktiv

Passenger seat position sensor:
Sitzpositionsensor_Beifahrer: aktiv -> nicht_aktiv

Driver seat position sensor memory: 
Sitzpositionsensorserkennung_Sitzmemory_Fahrer: aktiv -> nicht_aktiv

Some of the codes related to the seat position sensor were already set to nicht_aktiv so I didn’t touch them (ie. Sitzpositionsensor_Fahrer: nicht_aktiv)

Coded the car FIRST without unplugging the factory seats, and got the errors below in iDrive. After swapping the seats and unplugging the factory seats, the errors remain. Have also retained the plug carried over from the factory seat belt buckle with no changes. 

Thanks to both shawnsheridan and THEANCHORED for both helping out. All I needed to do was reset the SRS/Airbag/Restraint system errors and make sure the factory seatbelt receptacles were plugged in the correct way into the large yellow factory plug. I used tool32.exe from EDIABAS to reset the errors using the following directions from shawnsheridan:

Clear Fault Codes:

Hit F3
In the "Select Job: F01" window, select FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL
Hit F5
"Results" window should show "JOB_STATUS = OKAY"

Note: fs_lesen_funktional only read fault codes, FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL will delete it.

Note: You need to do a reset using tool32. Also check to make sure the seat belt receptacle is properly plugged into the factory yellow connector.