FVDI 2014 Windows 10 Installation Tips

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Guide: FVDI 2014 software installation on windows 10

Just go ahead with the installation pack that came with it

And two thing to note:
1st DotNetFx40 (windows framework) should be installed as well
2nd the port latency could be set to 1 instead of default of 16Port latency is at device manager>comX>ports setting>advance>latency 16 set to 1

Or win 7 mode on win 10:

GO to Setup.exe.
Right klick in it and Options.
Run as Admin and kompatibel Mode win 7.
After Install Go to the launcher der.
Right klick and run as Admin and compatibel mode win 7.
Also do that for the loader you will use like for VW Mercedes. 
For me ne it works .
Win 10 pro 64bit