Ford Mustang 4C Chip Generated with VVDI superchip: Done!

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Mustangs use Ilco h72 which is a 4c chip, make sure you are using the right chip

Actually I did generate the xhorse super chip with 4C and it worked great.

You don’t need to have two original keys, just generate the xhorse super chip and you’re good to go.You can cut a metal ford key and generate the same chip twice and the car will recognize 2 keys programmed. If someone will reply back that is impossible to generate super chip with 4C, I can guarantee that works, I tried and programmed successfully.

Believe me, I did, every time you generate the super chip, it takes different ID, so you can program up to 8 keys with the same chip, just generate it, after each generation the car recognize as new key. I don’t need to search on google forums. Try it and you’ll see.Believe me, I did hundreds of Fords in 10 years.Again, no need to have original keys, it’s enough to generate as 4C. It’s true that 4C chip is not reusable as 63 bit and 83 bit.

Then, try super chips and avoid buying keys, just buy shell and super chips
So, in all key lost situation, prepare one shell key and program it twice after generate the chip, and give the customer just one key, so you saved the other key for another Ford