FAQs: VVDI Mercedes 2016 GLS (W166) AKL

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Questions and answers: 2016 GLS (w166) All Keys Lost

Q: 2016 GLS (w166)? All keys lost, can this be done OBD or has to be bench?
A: obd
A: Might be fsb4

Q: How can I tell id Fsb4?
A: Main dealer only

Q: Its not W166?
or W166 can be bga or fsb4? Is there a way to tell?
A:take out read what’s in board

Q:in the EIS?
A: yes

Q: ok ty
should i just try obd?
A: Don’t waste your time, it’s 100 FBS4 dude

Q: damn 100? lol So what year usually starts fbs4?
A: GLS are X166 chassis, they start at 2013 and are all Facelift. In other words on GLS (X166 chassis) are FBS4 2013+

Q: Thank you, much appreciated