What is the difference between Autel IM508 & IM608?

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Support: Difference between Autel im608 and im508

M508 has the same Diagnostic ability as the MX808. So No Bia-Directional Control, and not all service functions. 
Also IM508 is a smaller 7” tablet with cable connection to the vehicle and is supplied with the XP200 key tool. (You can add the XP400). 

The IM608 has the same Diagnostic ability as the MS906BT/MS908S. It is the newer 10” screen tablet, comes with the MaxiFlash Elite VCI (Bluetooth connection) and the XP400 Key Tool. 

In terms of Key Programming both tools have the same ability (But you’ll need to add the XP400 to the IM508 to have full functionality), but Diagnostically the IM608 is a better tool. Note that dont expect im608 to do all cars for immo u still need vvdi-mb for mercedes and many other programmers if your a locksmith

If you already have a good Scantool (or tools) then you only really need the IM508 (I would also recommend getting the XP400 if you are looking at doing Euro keys). If you need to improve your Diagnostic ability then you should consider the IM608.

Besides, the 608 has more editing and reset options. Plus, it has better bidirectional functions as well and comes with a j2534 adapter for programming using a laptop and oem subscriptions.
Overall, if you want to do keys only, it’s not worth it. Plus, the IM508 has enough diagnostics to get you by. If I would’ve known, I wouldn’t have purchased the IM608 after getting the IM508. I have other diagnostic tools. Including an elite. But whatever. Just get the IM508, XP400, GBox 2 and APB112. Then starting tomorrow, register ur tool with FCA, pay $50 for one year subscription and you’ll have all the key functions of the IM608 without having to burn ur wallet. 👍🏽 Look for bundles, some companies charge cheaper when you buy these bundle/kits.