C4 Clone – Result of My Research

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I spent a little time exploring the configuration of Chinese sellers.
I want to share the results of my research.
Photos on the store page

A fragment from the datasheet on the chip, where the differences are described.
The difference lies in the temperature range.
AM79C874 VC = Commercial (0°C to +70°C) or AM79C874 VI = Industrial (-40°C to +85°C)
NetPHY™-1LP Low Power 10/100-TX/FX Ethernet Transceiver

Photos on the store page

I could not find a dg524cy chip in the Google search that is indicated on the seller’s photo.
In the photograph it is impossible to make out the exact marking of the microcircuit.
I think this is a deliberate misrepresentation.
And in other photos, I saw the DG406DW chip.
Here is a comparison of the characteristics of the DG406DW and ADG426 chips.