Autel KM100 and IM608 Difference

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Look here: What’s the difference between km100 and autel im608

IM608 does a ton more. It does way more capable. But KM100 is great for bread and butter key programming. The problem is just little slow with the processor. im608 is many times stronger then km 100 be because I used km100 it’s very slow while online programming or calculations it takes alot of time.while the same job done with im608 is super fast.

So if you have the IM608 and have the extra money I see no reason why not. Time is money and adding it would save you time due to its size and ease of use. Add it to your assortment of handheld cloners/programmers/remote generators.

I have both, would not be without either anymore. Buying a 2nd km100 just as a backup and to keep 2 going when I have a couple of time vampire GM’s to work on at the same time.

Km 100 is great tool for the price I do recommend it 100% does a lot of programming.

Attachment is a chart from autel. Hope it’s helpful.