Autel Im608 Read Out BMW MINI Code Remote

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Test report: Finally got the bar bmw/mini code remote to work with Autel so thought I would share.

Bit of a strange way to do it if you ask me, but once you get head around it then I guess it’s not that bad. I will have a go to explain.

To find option to program remotes you need to go
Diagnostic > Service > Body > Central Body > Central Body Electronics
Once there you can the remote section. In the menu you have 4 options.
1 – Is to read slots
2 – Is to programme slot
3 – Is to delete slot
Can’t remember what 4 is now (Sorry)

Start by reading slots, all blank slots will just be F’s Once you know what slot to uses, go into programming option 2
It’s asks you for the following
A 6 digit “Base Code”
A 6 digit “Random Code”
And a 16 digit “Encryption Code”

To get these numbers you need to put both code numbers together as one code. You also need to include the dash’s as digits. Once both codes are together you have a 35 digit number. Then remove certain digits to make the codes they need.

Photo’s below should explain.

But you remove the first 2 digits, then the next 6 are the base, the next 6 are the random, use the last 2 of the top number and remove the next 3, then then next 14 make the last number. But also delete the last two if writing down.
Once remote coded to slot, need to sync to car.
I was doing a mini one R50 and the only way I could get to work was to cycle the ignition and leave on, then just held the lock button for around 5-10 seconds and it worked.

Credits to Gary Orros