Autel IM608 – Top 10 Questions and Answers

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Autel support: answers to any question about Autel MaxiIM IM608

Q1: Does the 608 do any pcm programing through the j2534 or does it just use the j2534 for key and imobilizer programing?
A: yes you can use the j2534 to program PCM ( you need an OEM subscription and a laptop to do this) You can do key coding directly from the scanner. You dont need an OEM subscription

Q 2: is key programming the only thing people use this amazing tool for. does so much more than keys. would like more on coding, diagnostics for the im608
A: The diagnostic side is the same as the Elite ( excluding the benz and bmw programming) You can write VIN numbers and used modules, Extract brake calipers on the electronic brakes, Reset DPF lights, Do some milage correction, Code injectors, tailgatelights , adas calibrations, etc.

Q 3: Is the im608 the best scan tool autel makes?
A: It depends on the clients indivisual needs. Some needs key coding , otherse need BMW benz programming

Q 4: Is the 608 better than the elite?
A: It really depends on the users requirments. In some cases you need both tools. 

Q 5: I wonder since the IM508 and IM608 has been released that Autel has started gradually degrading some of the key programming capability of the Maxisys in order to create more need for shop to buy a more specialized platform.
A: They are actualy doing the opposite. They are adding key coding functions to the Elite software . I have a projected plan on when they are implementing some of these features. But its always going to be a level 2 out of 5 while the IM608 is 5 of 5

Q 6: IS there a separate key tool that can bought alongside the Elite that has the level 5 capacity of the IM608?
A: Yes you do have an option if you already have an Elite. You can consider the IM508. Its a stripped down version of the IM608 . The 508 doesnt have the advanced diagnostic software and it doesnt have the j2534. So what you are investing in is the key coding software. Its much cheaper in price

Q 7: So you would suggest the IM508 alongside the Elite as the best compromise?
A: If you specialize on BMW and BENZ then it will be good to invest in the ELITE to have access to the programming software. Remember 98% of programming is done with a laptop and the j2534 ( you dont use the tablet) If programming on these 2 manufactures is not important.. Then you can get the IM608. If you need bmw and benz programming programming then get the Elite and also the IM508. 

Q 8: IM608 Can support any diesel light vehicles?… for example Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan Engine and Automatic Transmission DTC and data.
A: No, But MS906BT and Elite have Light Asian 24V Software

Q 9: can the XP400 key programmer be purchased separately and added to the IM508 to give it the same European car key programming coverage of the IM608, or IM 508 lacks the software for using the XP400? Does the IM508 and IM608 rely on keeping your update subscription current and require internet access to Autel server to be able to pull some PIN codes or information to program keys of some car makes of cars?
A: Yes you can add the Xp400 to the Im508 to give it level 5 of 5 key coding capabilites

Q 10: regarding key programming capabilities, is there much of a difference between 508 and 608 , I only need for key programming .
A: The 508 is a stripped down version ( interms of not having the strong diagnostic software and now jbox and no xp400 to do the benz bmw key coding) The overal key coding is 4 out of 5. Its primaly focus just on key coding and doesn have all the bells and whistles as the 608