Autel IM608 Online Version or Local Suppliers?

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Have collected ideas from real users, about buying autel im608 pro eu, us, au version from website or from the other suppliers?

There is actually two different versions. If it’s a IM608PRO it’s a “reseller” version – Sold by a physical store and should have better back-up and support, this will also be IP Locked to a specific Regions. The IM608 is the Online Version sold by Online (internet) stores. These will be cheaper, aren’t normally IP Locked but can (so “they” say) miss out on some software. Also there was an older version of the “reseller” version which was just an IM608 but if a store still has one of these it must be OLD stock. The tool is amazing but you will need backup and support to get the most out it so I do encourage buying from a physical store.

buy from an authorized seller and u won’t have any issues. the 608 used to be region locked, so u had to use it in the region it was sold for.

Besides, im608 and im608 pro have a bit difference in function.