Autel IM608 = MS908 (Diagnosis) + Immo Functions

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Autel MaxiIM IM608 has the same diagnostic software as Autel maxisys MS908, but it covers immo functions, special functions and programming/reflashing abilities which MS908 cannot work. Pls read the chart for details

Autel IM608 vs MS908

 Autel MaxiIM IM608Autel MaxiSys MS908
Price3299 usd1659 usd
LanguageDiagnosis: English, German,
Japanese, French, Spanish,
Immobilizer: English 
(Provide S/N to change language)
UpdateFree for the first 24 months;
Then 1250 usd per year
Free for the first 12 months;Then 890 usd per year
Key programming (Immobilizer functions)YesNO
Chip programmingYesNO
ECU codingYesYes
ECU programming/ReflashingYesNO
Special functionsYes(EPB, DPF, SAS, Oil Reset, BMS and TPMS Sensor ID Re-Programming etc)NO

To sum up,
Autel IM608is a comprehensive tool for auto diagnosis, coding and programming, while MS908 works as a diagnostic tool only!IM608 is much more powxerful than MS908.
But it depends on what you need. If you need a tool for diagnosis only, MS908is a decent machine at a better price.