Autel IM508 Review from an Auto Locksmith

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Time I do a review for this. Autel deserves this.

Im a auto locksmith. Ive used most every versatile modern tool. When I bought this I had been using primarily the AutoPropad, because as many know.. It has set a standard of value/versatility/ease of use.. I bought the Autel IM508 instead of the IM608 because we already have Autel products that encompass the difference. I think so much of Autel, I had to try it. I did not think it would stand completely up to the Autopropad… It did. It stood up and exceeded it in many ways. When your someone that does this all day every day.. You need something that performs. Speed/consistency are everything to us.
The thing is also the perfect size. Well designed. Sits on the wheel. The CPU in it moves nearly as fast as the Autopropad. But so many things are more cleverly set up on the 508.. That you will be faster with it.

Say you get a Chrysler. You just go Smart mode. senses the vehicle model and year. then automatically pulls the pin code on many Chrysler from 07-16.. Then it just puts the pin in for you, hit learn.. bang.

I would say the only 2 makes the Autopropad win on.. Are Mitsubishi and Nissan. The APP is a great Nissan machine.. its a great Toyota machine too.. though they are equal in Toyota. Id say everything else Id take the 508 on. And if you get the XP400 as an add on for the 508.. your now in a different ballpark.. handling more Euro by far..

Oh yes… ALSO, a big win. Somewhere in the last month it started pulling Chrysler VPW type 2 by OBD. Im pretty sure its the only Asian unit capable of that. Theres a lot more to be said for it too.. but, Im no magazine writer! This is an Amazon review I just remembered!
Congrats To Autel. They have the top spot in the value/versatility, of the Key Programmer world.