Audi A8 2007R Add Key by Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro

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Purpose: audi a8 2007r add a new key using Autel IM508 +xp400 pro

Good to know:
CS code: CS= Component security – used in immo4 and immo5 vehicles.  They are bytes that are stored in the immobiliser and the cars ecu

This is a blade key, you will need either a megamos 8e chip or a xt2&7 super chip.  You will remove the Kessy from under drivers seat read the eeprom.  Decode the file and write new transponder or clone exiting one from dump.

you would do the same procedure with the in the “add a key by dump” feature and use a megamos 8E transponder.  Or you could try using the autel servers to do it through obd2, however I have had little success with that in kessy vehicles.