Advice: 04.5 GLI All Keys Lost

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Problem: Lost both of my key fobs for my 04.5 gli and im down to my service key. I can go to the dealership but ive heard its about 200. Anybody have any remedies without going to the dealer? I assume they are the only ones who can program it.

Suggestion and solution:
First off I’m not claiming to be a pro or 100% about a lot of what I am going to say. I am 100% I know how bad it sucks to lose a key though thats why I’m taking the time to reply. 

I have an Audi that I thought I lost the key. They quoted aroubd $85 to cut the blade, $100 for the fob and $100 to program it. I found the key (thought it was a spare key for the other car the whole time) but I also pragrammed another remote. In my search I called locksmiths to cut a blade and the cheapest was $30 up to more than the dealer. Some claimed the “laser cut” key costs more but from research although you do need a special machine it’s not like lasers cut it and shouldnt be that much more. I’m not sure if the blades are the same between the service and the regular. If they are have a locksmith cut the blade. If they aren’t the locksmith may be able to get the pattern from Audi or may need Audi to get cut it. Locksmiths may be able to program it as well. 

Short summary: Too much to figure out and pay if you can’t find it or call a few locksmiths to get a deal on the complete key (key cut and fob and programmed). Just get it from VW.*

If you just get the blade only you are 1/3 way done, you will need a compatable key from a junk yard or Ebay then you will need VCDS to program it. This was for a 2003 A4. On a 02 Jetta immoblizer 3 (I think) you can only program a key once then its done so you will need to get a virgin key fob and find someone with VCDS.  

My suggestions:
(depends if you know someone with VCDS that knows how to use it)

#1.) Look REALLY hard for the key and if able to maybe wait it out to see if it turns up in a few days. They usually do. If you know its gone (eg dropped in the lake ect) or need it now go to suggestion 2. 

#2.) got to Audi/VW and bite the bullet and get the key. You may try a few locksmiths for the complete key cheaper but I didnt have much luck this route. You’ll thank me for not having you waste 8 hours researching to end up paying $250 AND wasting your time. If youre stubborn or broke go to suggestion 3, it may be somewhat worth it but most likely will be trading your time to pay slightly less.
#3.) Call a few locksmiths and tell them youre looking for a cheap key and try to hint you know theres not much to a laser cut key or say “looking for a cut blade for under $50, can you help me out”. Wouldn’t waste too much time here. You’ll eventually still be stuck figuring out how you can get it programmedand after you are hours into it you get more and more confused the $250 starts to seem cheap to be done. Get the blade, get a fob, now you still need to find VCDS to program.

#4.) Know someone with VCDS…ok you probably don’t since youre asking here. Im not going to get into VCDS options besides Ill say save youre frustration and buy authentic vs china. Not going into why just trust me. I bought the china one not knowing it was a knock off and its not worth it. VCDS pays for itself the first time you use it. 

Good luck…