2014 Ford Focus Remote Done with VVDI Keytool

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2014 Ford Focus i.e.

Nightmare 1
VVDI Key tool original
Ford Super Remote/Chip
Autel im508
Download U793 remote
Keys would not program in factory alarm would not cut off no matter what 10 minute wait, 15 minute wait over and over door open, ignition on, 10/15 minute wait no 2 chirps keep coming back programming failure. 
I read posts and cam across a locksmith saying try erasing keys which was (2) two only two in memory I erased them while the alarm was on and it said 1 key in memory still would not start, cut and programmed a second key and it finally started. Cloned VVDI Ford super remote *online* no sniffing.

Nightmare 2
Programming the remote OBD multiple tries 4 times 8 times seat belt on seat belt off door open door closed hit lock everything nothing
I put seat belt on and turned key on off 5 times then turned to ignition position and hit lock and heard a click there was no chime and it worked.