2008 Audi Q7 Add Key, Dealer Only?

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Car and purpose:
I recently purchased a 2008 Audi Q7 that came with the valet key only. The Valet key works fine but I would like to upgrade to make use of the security and convenience of a remote.

Easy way:
I have been told that the only way to upgrade is to get a new key from the dealer. It just seems like the easy way, not the most cost effective.

Possible way:
I purchased a used key from ebay with the hopes that I could get a blank cut to replace the blade, and then program the FOB to the vehicle.

Good Suggestion from fellows:
I can recommend equipment but it isn’t straight forward, if all keys are lost you will need to take kessy out of yours or program through the clocks. 

It maybe they don’t have experience with immobiliser systems on the vag group. 

I would recommend autel im508 with xp400 with apb112, mini key tool with super transponders or super remotes, a dolphin key cutting machine because it’s the cheapest about. That’s if your doing the vag group also some dash slot keys. 

Your looking at around 4-5k investment not sure on the Texas market.

The last…
It definitely is not dealer only but it is hard or impossible for you to do it as hobby. You need relatively expensive tools and knowledge so best option is to go to locksmith…