2004 Dodge Neon 8pin Eeprom 8613AA

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Feedback on 2004 Dodge Neon 8pin Eeprom 8613AA:

Car is 2004 Dodge Neon. The dealer provided pin is not working found out the pcm was replaced 10 years ago. Opened the skim module and this is the 8pin eeprom 8613AA in it, is this where extract the pin or should I go to the microprocessor A2C00021380 0l72A for the pin.

reading the eeprom in the skim module will give u the same code the dealer gave u, the wrong pin is in the pcm that was replaced ur wasting ur time reading that eeprom. the first thing u should have done was fix the PCM issue, if it was replaced 10 years ago correctly the pin would have been transferred to new/used pcm. knowing that I was replaced 10 years ago and secret key not transferred I would have done a pcm replaced procedure, just type the Vin in, even if it’s the same. then transfer the secret key. then after that the pin code would be correct.

If the pcm was done correctly then the pcm would have the same pin.
pin is stored in skim and pcm, if pcm is replaced it will transfer secret key from skim to new pcm. if the skim is replaced then it gets the pin from the pcm. 
bottom line is if the pcm was done correctly it would still have the same pin as it originally had.

Thanks to Scott for input above